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Who we are

Creative PCB is an Australian engineering company focused on the design of high quality Printed Circuit Boards (PCB). Our goal is to provide an excellent service and to create long term relationships with our customers. We have vast experience working on life-cycle projects and particularly on hardware design. This extensive experience allows us to see the overall picture of a project and not just the PCB design process.

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Increase Design Speed

Reduce time during R&D process and achieve your goals before deadlines. You can focus on your design and we will bring it alive.

Reduce Costs

We are part of your team without the cost of permanent staff. Contact us only when you need us and let us know how we can help you.

Knowledge and Experience

We are small team of experienced engineers who have worked many years in different projects and  technological systems.


We provide a variety of services from schematic capture to PCB design and anything in between. You can choose a complete design service or only specific tasks, depending on your needs.

Schematics capture

We start the process by transferring your design into an EDA program.

Components selection

If you haven’t selected specific components for your electronic circuit we can do it for you. Based on your requirements we use Digikey, Mouser, etc. for components selection.  We can also use your libraries as well as ours.

Library management

We create a component library for your project based on selected components and/or custom libraries.

Footprint generation

We create component footprints when they are not available. 3D models for components can be also included if available or required. A footprint library will be generated from this process.

PCB design

Once all components are defined we begin with the PCB design. We have experience creating single and multi-layer PCBs, length matching, differential signals, impedance control, fine pitch routing, high speed circuits and more.


When it comes to automated PCB assembling you need to panelise your PCB boards. We provide penalisation services where V-groove and/or tab-routing are available.


Production files generation

Several production files are required for the PCB manufacturing process which will be provided after the PCB board is ready:

  •  Gerber
  • NC Drills
  • Bill of Materials (BOM)
  • Pick and place files

3D models

Do you need your mechanical engineers to interact with finished PCB board 3D models? We can export your new PCB board into STEP format.

PCB manufacturing advice

We have experience dealing with PCB manufacturers in China and Australia. If you need help dealing with manufacturers we can give you a hand.

Documentation and source control

We know how important is to document and keep track of changes in any design. We are more than happy to help you with source control and documentation.

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